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Helping You Homeschool Your Children. Mathematics Consulting For Parents.

In the current uncertain environment many parents have decided that there is no valid reason that would justify sending their children to public schools where much time is spent teaching harmful and irrelevant things, they are taught to despise their own culture and traditions. Who will deny that promoting hate is harmful? If you are thinking about it, or have decided to homeschool your children, but have some doubts about your ability to deliver mathematics' lessons to your child(ren), we may be able to help you. We could, for example, have video chats during which the required topics can be discussed and explained, indications on what and how to do it. For details, go here ➤

Tucker Carlson Interview
The sane sections of society must protect the defenseless from violent and intrusive attacks on their physical, emotional and mental integrity. Without it, by the fact alone that very young children are precisely in this category, our society will have no future other than extinction.
For those that have not been keeping up with what is happening, or have been following up voices and sources full of deceit, perhaps would be a good idea to do some investigating, while you still have some time, which really is not much.
Some think that private schools are the solution. However, facts indicate that it is not always the case. Keep in mind that to teach in private schools teachers must be certified, which means they have gone through the same indoctrination before, and yearly after in the so called “Professional Development” training, in which they are properly trained and taught. Otherwise, they loose their certification, or the ability to have one. In many cases, private schools will not protect your child(ren). Remember, in their adds they always claim to have “certified teachers”. Now you know one (very relevant) of the certification ingredients. These days many things are claimed to be racist: Classical Music, Mathematics, Grammar, etc. While these manifestations of beauty are targeted for destruction, others full of hate and envy aimed at the promotion of ugliness are promoted and taught in schools to children, often without the knowledge of the parents. See for example the following articles: Have you ever wondered about the origin of the communist pest that seems to inundate the minds of the young and academia in general? Evidence points to schools, teachers, professors as some of the biggest culprits in the delivery of poison. Children leave the family home happy and full of hope, and after a few years come back hating themselves and their family. You are lucky if "he" still feels like "him" and "she" like "her". Some children end up utterly confused about who they are.
Mind Control Elementary School