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Helping You Homeschool Your Children. Mathematics Consulting For Parents.

Dumbing Down Institution
First, some words explaining to you briefly with whom you will be consulting. I am a mathematician, not an educator. I have attended one "education" training in my life, and it put me into a deep sleep trance. I graduated in the 1980s with a degree in pure mathematics.
I have taught in higher education settings all my life, now I am retired, of which I am glad. I don't think I could survive the currently existing woke environment. I have always taught mathematics in colleges and universities for 36 years, in different places. Despite having mostly taught so called “higher mathematics”, I have substantial experience teaching mathematics for beginners, i.e., for elementary, middle and high school children. This comes from teaching “remedial math” and from tutoring friends and relatives. In this I bring my own perspective, that is, I prefer not to follow the idiotic standard established systems, with which you spend one year learning that 2+2=4, hmm, sorry, 5, I forgot that math doesn't need to be exact (wink).
Why would families send their child(ren) to such education institutions? It seems like a waste of life time. Then, you must feel comfortable that you are not wasting your time and money. To help you assess that, here is a short video where you can see and hear me (other mathematicians will be added later), explaining some mathematical topic.
-- Coming Soon --

Price Structure

Webcam site: A webcam or browser connection. For example, both parents can use the same connection, and be both behind the same webcam, will be considered as one webcam site.

How does it work?

You should expect the consultation to occur as an online video conference. A place will be given to you, which you will be able to access using your computer, tablet, smart phone. Be aware that the phone screen may not be the best solution for you. This after all will be some kind of “class” where I will need to write mathematical objects, and you will need to see them.
  1. You write to me, explaining what topics you would like to discuss (explained in detail), how much time you can or would like to dedicate to this, and I will write back with a proposal. If you don't hear back from me right away, do not despair. If I unable to write back for a certain period, I will make sure that it is stated here.
  2. Once we come to an agreement, I will send you instructions on the payment procedure.
  3. After the payment is received, the consultation will take place as agreed.